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LoganBerry Heritage Farm is located on 60 beautiful acres in  northeast Georgia adjacent to the Blue Ridge mountains. We view farming as a stewardship to the land under our care, including the water, animals and people while working in harmony with Nature and following her principles of sustainability.


cow and chicken sustainability frameWe view the Farm holistically, as a single organism, balanced and diverse. The land, animals and water are considered sacred and  treated with respect. Our animals are an integral part of the Farm, providing life in addition to fertilization and aeration of the fields and gardens.

seed sustainability framesWe save seeds primarily from our Southern Appalachian heritage that have been handed down for generations. We take the stand that saving and preserving seeds is important for future generations to have access to open-pollinated, heirloom foods that have not been modified or tampered with by man. We do not support the planting and raising of GMO seeds or genetic modification of plants or animals. We believe that it is contrary to Nature and destructive to the environment, animals and humans.





DSC_5332 framedLoganBerry goes beyond basic organic method by incorporating a system of holistic and environmentally friendly practices.  We have immersed ourselves in research of the world’s most successful methods of healthy food production that heals the land, builds soil and protects future resources.  Our experimental farm is based on a permaculture food forest design along with some biodynamic practices.  Some of these methods include berm & swale systems, ramial wood chip gardens, intensive grazing, polycultures, hugelkultures and no-till crops, to name a few.





We invite you to experience our Farm to learn and see firsthand our methods, ask questions and find out how you can incorporate some of our gardening techniques into your own home or farm gardens. To book a tour, please call the Farm at 706-348-6068 or email us at loganberryheritagefarm@gmail.com. A 2 hour tour is $20 per person, $10 for children under 12.

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