Logan Berry Heritage Farm

Farm Market

Due to unseasonable and unexpected heavy amounts of rain all year, many of our crops did not produce as expected.

As a result, our FARM MARKET has closed early for 2013. However, we do have a number of items for pick-up year round with call ahead ordering. Please call the Farm at 706-348-6068 to find out what is available currently.

Products that are normally available year round are:

Fresh Seasonal Produce, LoganBerry Eggs, Grass-fed, Grass-finished Beef, Organic Chicken Feeds and specialty items such as Sorghum Syrup, Garlic Powder, Popcorn and a variety of Jams & Jellies.

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Please call 706-348-6068.


We invite you to become a “Friend of LoganBerry” and experience first hand what we are all about. Similar to a CSA, our 2013 “Friends” program offers more flexibility and benefits.

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   Buy local - support your local farms.    Buy organic - support your life.

LHF Pastured Beef Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished

Our 100% Grass-Fed Beef is available by the cut, package or share.

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LHF Eggs from
Pastured Hens

Our hens are lovingly raised here on pasture and fed high quality, organic, soy free feed. You can taste and see the difference in our eggs!
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LHF Pastured
Meat Chickens

Like our laying hens, our Meat Chickens are pasture raised and fed organic, soy  free feed. We believe they deserve the best we can give them for their sacrifice to nourish our bodies. They are humanely processed on the Farm and are available fresh or freshly frozen during our Market season.
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Through good stewardship by adopting historic tried and proven natural methods of agriculture, LoganBerry Heritage Farm's management policy protects and preserves farmland and values a comprehensive wealth in the water, soil, plants, animals, and people. LoganBerry goes beyond basic organic methodology by incorporating a whole synergistic system of holistic and environmentally friendly practices that affect many ecosystems, from soil microorganisms to animals.

We see the farm as an integrated whole - balanced and diverse Free Rangeagriculture that is nurtured through the protection of water through riparian naturalization, reforestation for rainwater absorption, a flourishng wildlife habitat, mineralization through leaf matter, natural wind and hedgerows, rainwater harvesting, including the constructions of natural berms and swales to capture and retain water; providing habitat for pollinators, including honeybees and natural predators; companion planting, growing diverse foods, as opposed to monoculture; intensive grazing, composting, green manuring, and cover cropping, and seed saving and planting of heritage, open-pollinated seeds.

BeesLoganBerry Heritage Farm believes that nature always knows best and that we can steward healthy crops and animals if we simply observe her natural lessons.