Logan Berry Heritage Farm


Through good stewardship by adopting historic tried and proven natural methods of agriculture, LoganBerry Heritage Farm's management policy protects and preserves farmland and values a comprehensive wealth in the water, soil, plants, animals, and people. LoganBerry goes beyond basic organic methodology by incorporating a whole synergistic system of holistic and environmentally friendly practices that affect many ecosystems, from soil microorganisms to animals.

We see the farm as an integrated whole - balanced and diverse Free Rangeagriculture that is nurtured through the protection of water through riparian naturalization, reforestation for rainwater absorption, a flourishng wildlife habitat, mineralization through leaf matter, natural wind and hedgerows, rainwater harvesting, including the constructions of natural berms and swales to capture and retain water; providing habitat for pollinators, including honeybees and natural predators; companion planting, growing diverse foods, as opposed to monoculture; intensive grazing, composting, green manuring, and cover cropping, and seed saving and planting of heritage, open-pollinated seeds.

BeesLoganBerry Heritage Farm believes that nature always knows best and that we can steward healthy crops and animals if we simply observe her natural lessons.