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255306-20150430We see ourselves as caretakers or stewards of this piece of land known as LoganBerry. We have been entrusted with the health and well-being of all living entities within its boundaries. That includes, but is not limited to, the soil, the water, plants, trees, animals, birds and insects that inhabit LoganBerry. Our mission  is to preserve and protect Heritage Farmland and to grow traditional Appalachian foods. We do not take this responsibility lightly, as we see all living things as sacred!

We believe that health begins in the soil. Nutrients, and ultimately Life Force Energy, can only be taken up into plants through an integration of biological, physical, chemical, cosmic, mathematical and spiritual processes. Nature has been doing this for billions of years and we would not dare to improve on it. Our holistic practices imitate Nature’s methods of building healthy and vital soil through natural practices such as composting, vermiculture, mineralization, cover-cropping, no-till crops, permaculture designs and polyculture gardens.  We do not grow in hoop houses or under plastic believing that natural sunlight, dew, wind  and gentle rain are vital to the growth and overall health of all plants.


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If we are what we eat, we choose to eat naturally grown, nutrient dense, fresh, seasonal foods. That includes the produce that we grow, but also includes the animal flesh and eggs from the Farm. We want our animals to live as nature designed; free of stress, eating  their intended diet, cared for and protected as we have been called to do.

All of our Farm animals are considered sacred, treated with respect and raised humanely.

Our cows eat only grasses and natural pasture herbs and are grazed intensely, ensuring fresh pastures daily. Calves stay with their mothers and our herds stay together.  They have shelter during storms and fresh water at all times. When it is time to take them to the abattoir, we have a thanks and blessing for them and Organic Rose stays with them to keep them calm.






April 21 Bees Arrive To New Homes (6) framedIt has been said that Honey Bees are an indicator species. They, along with a host of other pollinator friends, are responsible for most of the food we put in our mouths. Their plight has awakened in us a desire to help them by establishing natural foraging gardens and a special sanctuary for them.  

Our goal is to keep bees for the bees themselves, not for the products of the hive.  It is our desire for them to thrive and reproduce in harmony with their nature, with minimal interference from humans. We take the approach of natural bee keeping methods that include natural comb building, allowing swarming, no chemicals, plastic or outside foundation, no feeding of sugar or pollen patties and by growing a variety of flowers and foods for them year-round.