Logan Berry Heritage Farm

Farm Market


Saturday, October 18 will be the final Farm Market of the season.

This closing Market will feature our line-up of in-season, fall Produce, Soy-Free Pastured Eggs and Grass-Fed Beef, in addition to our fun and sweet

Sorghum Soppin' 2014! (see details under events).

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Please call 706-348-6068.

LHF Pastured Beef Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished

Our 100% Grass-Fed Beef is available by the cut, package or share.

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LHF Eggs from
Pastured Hens

Our hens are lovingly raised here on pasture and fed high quality, organic, soy free feed. You can taste and see the difference in our eggs!
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LHF HistoryRich in history, LoganBerry Heritage Farm was once home to the Cherokee Indians. Even before their removal during the infamous Trail of Tears, North Georgia was opened up to European settlers. Migrations from the Carolinas brought Berry Turner in 1828, along with his large extended family and friends, to western Habersham County, now White County. They eventually settled on a beautiful hill overlooking the Town Creek Valley.

Raising a family of 21 children, Berry made his living performing the duties of Justice of the Peace for his community, in addition to farming and gold mining. After willing his heirs his vast amount of real estate, today only the 60 acre original homestead known as LoganBerry Heritage Farm remains. His descendants are scattered throughout the nation and the world, with a large number of them still living in the Northeast Georgia area. Families married within the community, and many places, names, and families today reflect and bear their record: Turner, Nix, Allen, Seabolt, Wilkins, Ellison (Allison), Sutton, Ash, Thomas, and more.

Today, Sharon Turner Mauney, fifth-generation granddaughter stewards this special place. By adopting farming and conservation methods that connect the past with the future, she hopes to ensure that LoganBerry Heritage Farm will remain the special and sacred place so many people have called "home."