Logan Berry Heritage Farm


We believe that healthy eating begins with naturally grown, fresh, local, and in-season foods. Health, (balance for body, mind and soul) begins in the soil for plants, animals, and humans. Nutrients, and ultimately LIFE FORCE ENERGY, can only be taken up through an integration of biological, physical, chemical, cosmic, and even mathematical processes.

LoganBerry Heritage Farm's holistic practices imitate nature's methods of building healthy and vital soil through composting, vermiculture, mineralization, cover cropping and compost tea sprays, all which create  an environment for soil microorganisms to aid in nutrient and life energy uptake for plants. We never use any artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or anything that is not life enhancing.

Our cows are grazed intensively on healthy pastures rich in natural grasses and forbs. Our laying hens and meat chickens are pastured and supplemented with organic, soy-free feed.  We never use any hormones and strive to grow foods and a healthy environment for animals that protect and enhance their immune systems.

After harvest, most vegetables travel an average of over 1,000 miles to reach their destination, losing freshness and nutrition with each mile. By contrast, almost all of LoganBerry Heritage Farm's vegetables have been harvested within 24 hours of Market, thereby ensuring that maximum freshness and healthy nutrients are available.

It is our personal goal to grow foods to their full expression, in harmony with Nature, to share the experience with others, and to understand more fully the importance of life force energy.