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Market Barn sign Our open air Market Barn is open from Asparagus (Spring) to Sorghum (Fall), according to the growing  season. While most vegetables and fruits travel thousands of miles to get to your grocer, losing nutrition along the way, our produce is grown on the Farm and is harvested only a few hours  before our Market opens. This ensures that LoganBerry produce is fresh and nutrient dense.veggies


 The Market at LoganBerry is not your typical grocery store or Farmers Market in that we grow only a few select foods, using Nature as our guide and teacher. For more information on our growing methods click on our Sustainability tab at the top of the page.

Our local heritage is based upon traditional Appalachian foods and those foods have become our focus here at LoganBerry. These heritage crops provide seeds for future use,  diverse nutritional needs year round and reward us with great taste.

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Our open days are based on what is in season. Because we do not extend the season or plant under artificial conditions, our produce is determined by the weather patterns, sun and rain.



For the remainder of Summer 2015, our Barn Market will be open Saturday from 10-3 on August 15, 22, 29 and September 5.



garlic tableWe sure had fun at our GARLIC TASTING EVENT on August 15 and 22!  Thank you to everyone who came out and helped make it a success.

GARLIC is still king at LoganBerry and is available at the Market throughout the Fall.     garlic u


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 August 29 — Open Air Saturday Market from 10-3

September 5 — Open Air Saturday Market from 10-3 Labor Day Weekend



October 2015

SORGHUM SOPPIN’ SATURDAYS — dates to be announced, based upon harvest time.DSC_6444 framed

In honor of our traditional Appalachian Heritage and Culture, we always sweetly celebrate the season’s end with a Sorghum Soppin’!

There is nothing quite like taking a hot biscuit right from the oven and soppin’ up a bit of butter and sorghum syrup.  If you haven’t tried it, you are in for a treat.  Watch for dates soon to be announced! Be sure to join us!


Please call the Farm at 706-348-6068 for additional days and hours that  we are open to  the public.