Logan Berry Heritage Farm


Sorgum Soppin'


At the Market Barn on Saturday, October 11 and 18 from 10 – 2

Our 2014 Sorghum Cane has been cut and made into deliciously sweet Sorghum Syrup.

There is nothing quite like taking a hot biscuit right from the oven and soppin' up a bit of butter and sorghum syrup.

If you haven't tried it, you are in for a treat this Saturday.

  Organic Rose will be making magic in the kitchen with her BISCUITS and the syrup is out for you to taste. If you have tried our biscuits and sorghum, you know what a treat it is...we'll see you Saturday! We'll even have coffee to go with your Biscuits & Sorghum.

Just what is Sorghum?

Sorghum Cane is a grass, double first cousin to sugar cane, distant cousin to corn and originates from Africa. It came to the States during the Civil War as a sugar substitute, but did not crystallize like sugar so was used as a liquid sweetener instead.

Sorghum is planted in the Spring from seeds saved from the previous Fall. We baby it along and feed it compost tea sprays and then leave it to make sweet juice in the stalks all Summer.

In the Fall, at just the right time, the canes are cut, stripped of leaves and laid on the ground to dry for about 2 weeks so the sugars can concentrate.

We then cut the seed heads off the top and save for next year (or you can feed them to the birds, make flour from them or use in floral arrangements). Next we load the canes and take them to a syrup mill to dehydrate and evaporate into nutritious and delicious Sorghum Syrup.

At the Mill, the sweet green juice is squeezed from the canes and piped into a large copper cooker where it is evaporated and dehydrated until it reaches a temperature of 230 degrees.

Then we bottle it and bring in back to the Farm for you to enjoy.

Sorghum is known as "vitamins on a spoon" because of its nutrients. It is high in vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.  Doctors used to prescribe it to patients low in Iron and Potassium.  It is a natural sweetener and unlike sugar which is devoid of any nutrition, one teaspoon of Sorghum Syrup will provide calcium, protein, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc and riboflavin. It can be substituted for sugar in many recipes and is great by itself on biscuits, hot cereals, ice cream or to sweeten a cup of herbal tea.


Garlic Fest

GarlicFest 2014
Saturday, August 23 from 10am to 4pm

Come celebrate our 6th Annual GarlicFest with us as we honor those pungent bulbs. It's a fun day for the entire family with food, animals, tastings, artisans and guest chefs. Check out the pictures from last year and read about the festivities.

Click here to visit GarlicFest page

Group Tours Available by Appointment

We welcome individuals, families and groups to visit our Farm and see what makes LoganBerry special. Garden Club outings, Summer Camps excursions and School Field Trips are some of the groups that have enjoyed tours of the Farm.

A two-hour hay ride tour will give you an extensive overview of our unique Farm.  You’ll get a behind the scenes full sensory experience including our grass-fed, pastured animals and their importance for the whole Farm, our polyculture system of planting and why we honor our Appalachian heritage foods.

If you’d like, you can choose to extend your experience by including a tasty Farm lunch after the tour.

Please call 706-348-6068 for available dates and pricing.

FARM TOUR sponsored by Soque River Watershed Association (SRWA)  will be held June 15 & 16 this year and LoganBerry will be participating on Saturday, June 15. For more information go to SRWA’s website www.soque.org

Other events

From time to time LoganBerry hosts special events such as Tomato Day, Kids Camp, Gardening and Grafting Workshops and Farm Suppers. For up to date information, please check our Facebook page.