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 LoganBerry Heritage Farm sells products such as Grass-Fed Beef, Soy-Free Eggs, Jams and Jellies, Sorghum Syrup, Garlic Powder and in-season produce. We grow a variety of Appalachian Heritage crops including Asparagus, Tomatoes, Sorghum, Garlic, Peas, Greens and Sweet Potatoes all in harmony with nature.

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Please call 706-348-6068.

LHF Pastured Beef Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished

Our 100% Grass-Fed Beef is available by the cut, package or share.

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LHF Eggs from
Pastured Hens

Our hens are lovingly raised here on pasture and fed high quality, organic, soy free feed. You can taste and see the difference in our eggs!
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Chicken Scratch
Written by Organic Rose
Sunday, 11 March 2012 13:02

by Linda LeHigh

All of our pullets and hens have weathered the winter and are looking forward to the green grasses and tasty bugs of Spring.

The older girls are being fed a mix of Scratch and Layer for a while until they start laying in earnest again. We need to sort out who is laying and who isn't, as some of the hens are towards the end of their productive egg laying years.

The pullets are now 19 weeks old and I fully expect to see eggs in their nesting boxes any day now. Although to be honest, it will probably be another 3 or 4 weeks. We are hoping to have at least one "broody" hen who will hatch out some eggs for us. The majority of eggs will be for sale, though, and we should have plenty.

Our handsome rooster, Charlie, with some of the girls.Charlie and the Girls

New Girls The new girls almost ready to lay.