Logan Berry Heritage Farm

Too Cute for Words
Written by Organic Rose
Thursday, 06 October 2011 14:10

by Linda LehighChicks

These little guys are growing so fast! At the moment they are being kept safe and warm under a heat lamp at our house. When we first brought them home, we kept them at 90 degrees. Now at 1 week, the temperature has been gradually reduced to 80 degrees. They are active little chicks; bright eyed and curious. But soon they will outgrow the box they are housed in, and it will be time to move them to the Farm where they will take up residence in the brooder for 3 or so weeks.

One of these chicks is not like the others!! See the one on the left in front of the water bottle; the grayish one with a black strip on it's head? That was an extra chick sent with our order of pullets, and I'm thinking that he might be a he. His behavior is different from the other chicks in that he scratches more when food is put down. It would be great to have a rooster for this group of hens.

For now they just get Starter food, and as always it is organic and soy free. I tossed in some bits of lettuce last night, but they weren't interested yet. As they get older, we will feed them scraps from the compost bucket to supplement their diet. And this winter they will be outside scratching for goodies and keeping warm from the exercise.

Already we're looking forward to Spring time when they will start laying. We should have loads of wonderful brown eggs all Spring and Summer long.