Logan Berry Heritage Farm

About Us

Organic RoseActing in partnership with nature’s laws and spiritual principals, Sharon Turner Mauney (aka Organic Rose) and fellow Stewards opened ground in February 2008.  Taking a Holistic Approach to the management and production of high-quality foods and natural beauty, this team has slowly been building an infrastructure that looks at the “Whole” —history, environment, ecosystems, natural resources, social responsibilities,  economic viability, quality of life, personal values and sustainability for future generations—a working single organism.  Blending these different parts of the Whole together, our vision is to create a place that sustains itself, both in the short and long term, by producing nutrient-dense foods, aesthetic atmosphere, and providing quality of life for us and the greater community.

LoganBerry Heritage Farm is more than just a ‘sustainable’ Farm that employs basic organic growing standards.  We have immersed ourselves in the research of the world’s most successful methods of healthy food production that heals the land, builds soil and protects future resources.  We use a variety of those methods on the Farm such as Biological Ionization, No Till Straw Gardening,  Mob Stocking, Raised Bed Systems, Various Composting Methods, Earthworm Production, Permaculture Design, Cover Cropping, Ley Systems, Rotations of Both Plants and Animals, Hedgerows, Reforestation of Native Plant and Trees, Product Diversity, Riparian Naturalization, Soil Remineralization, just to name some.  We have also studied the methods of Newman Turner, Sir Albert Howard, Masanobu Fukuoka, Charles Walters and others who have paved the way for us to become the Stewards of the Land the way we are supposed to.

We save seeds, primarily ones from our Southern Appalachian area that have been handed down for generations.  We take the stand that saving seeds from these open-pollinated heirloom plant varieties is important for the future, believing that all humans on the Earth should have access to seeds that have not been modified in a lab in order to become the ‘property’ of  huge corporate conglomerates.  We do not support Genetically Modified Seeds (or foods from them) because it is adverse to laws of nature, as well as to the well-being of all mankind.

We sell our foods at our Farm Market, which is open from late spring till fall offering a variety of seasonal vegetables, with an emphasis on Appalachian Heritage Foods, fresh and dried Herbs, and fresh flowers.  Most Market Days will find us cooking and sampling our harvest and offering recipes for quick and easy preparation.

We invite you to come experience our farm, take a walk, sit among the Flowers or Herbs and enjoy a sampling of fresh healthy food, grown the way food should be grown.  Experience the natural grow!