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We are sending in the cut order to the abattoir on the 14th of this month and if you want a Side of Beef cut to your liking let us know by Monday the 12th.

Buying a Side sounds like a big commitment and a lot of Beef but in reality it is a cost saving way to get your favorite cuts of Beef. Since the average American eats 270 pounds of beef each year the 140 of so pounds you bring home from your side isn’t all that much.


We base our $7.50 per pound price on 1/2 the actual Hanging Weight of the cow. The actual hanging weight of the 3 cows we took to the abattoir is 345#, 427# and 472#, making the cost $1,293.75 per side for the 1st cow, $1,563.75 per side for the 2nd cow and $1,770 per side for the 3rd.


Shopping in today’s chain markets is easy and convenient with a seemingly unending supply of every conceivable need. But please consider these few items when buying Beef.

  •  Do you know where your beef came from and how the cow was raised?   Our 100% Grass-Fed cows are part of our Farm family and are humanely raised and thanked and blessed!
  • Why is Grass-Fed important?     Cow are ruminants. They are designed to eat GRASS, beneficial WEEDS and HERBS. Cows that are fattened up by feeding grains and corn in feed lots have digestive problems that cause diarrhea, ulcers, bloat, liver disease and a general weakening of the immune system. A cow that is left on a feed lot for more than 6 months will probable die from liver failure.
  • Buying our Beef means you are helping a small, local farmer who is part of the community, not a large, impersonal corporation.
  • By ordering now you not only get a discount on the beef but you get to decide exactly what cuts you and your family want.


We are a transparent, family Farm and anytime you want to visit to see how we steward our animals and farm please call and make an appointment. You will be awed!


Send us an email to loganberryheritagefarm@gmail.com if you are interested in finding out more about ordering a side of beef.




Thank you to all that ordered CHICKEN. We have now sold out for the year.

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