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Hey Carnivores, listen up!  We’ve got a great deal on BEEF and CHICKEN. This is NOT your grocery store meat, this is Pasture Raised, 100% Grass-Fed BEEF and Pasture Raised ROASTING CHICKENS that are fed an Organic, Soy-Free feed in addition to pasture grasses and clovers. There are no chemicals, no antibiotics and no growth hormones in our humanely raised meat. Just good meat from healthy animals.





So, here’s the deal. We are offering Sides of Beef for pre-sale. 

Our price of $7.50 per pound for 1 side (1/2 cow) is based on Hanging Weight of the cow. Hanging weight is the actual weight after the head, organs, skin and hooves have been removed and before the carcass has been placed in a cooler to dry age.  (This is what we pay at the abattoir.) An average cow weighs between 750 and 1000 pounds on the Hoof and 400 to 500 pounds Hanging weight. YOUR COST WILL BE BASED ON 1/2 THE ACTUAL HANGING WEIGHT FOR A SIDE OF BEEF. (Example: 1/2 of 400 pound hanging weight is 200 pounds x 7.50 per pound = $1,500)  Out of the 200 pound Hanging Weight you can bring home approximately 125# of assorted cuts of your choice, and additionally about 20# to 25# of bones for broth and your dogs.)

Since one Side of Beef can yield approximately 100# to 150# of meat for your freezer (taking up 4 to 6 cubic feet of space) you might think that’s too much for you and your family, but think again. The average person consumes about 270# of meat in one year!

One of the benefits of buying a SIDE of BEEF is that YOU get to decide what cuts you want. Does your family eat a lot of Ground Beef, Stew Meat and Cube Steaks? Would you like a Rib Roast for a special occasion? Do you have a Steak eater in your family? How about T-Bones?  You tell us what you want from your Side of Beef and that’s what the butcher will cut.

All of our BEEF is aged for 14 days, vacuum sealed when cut and immediately frozen. Please send an e-mail to loganberryheritagefarm@gmail.com with any questions about our Beef. Please include your phone number so we can get in touch with you.  A deposit of $500 is due with your order and all orders must be placed by February 9. The Beef will be available after February 16.




We raise Meat Chickens on the Farm mainly for our own use. But since customers have asked us to raise extra for sale we are offering  a limited number of these wonderful, meaty, wholesome birds for sale.



We raise these Cornish Cross from day old hatchlings and put them on pasture as soon as they are old enough. Besides grass they are fed herbs, garlic and Organic, Soy-Free grain.


We process them here on the Farm and offer WHOLE CHICKENS either FRESH or FROZEN. The average weight of these birds is 5 pounds and the price per pound is $6. Chickens will be available in May and June but we are taking orders NOW. The minimum order is 3 birds, but with an order of 6 or more you get a discount of 50 cents per pound.

Please e-mail us at loganberryheritagefarm@gmail.com with your order or questions. A deposit of $30 is required for all orders. Quantities are limited so order now for this year. We do not raise chickens after the Summer Solstice due to the extremely hot temperatures outdoors.


We sincerely appreciate all who supported us in 2017 especially for our Pastured Beef. We know you understand how much time, energy, money and love that we expend on our animals. Our cows and chickens are part of the LoganBerry family. When you  purchase from us you know how they were raised and what it takes to get good food to your table.


Remember to e-mail us with your orders and questions. 

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