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The season has changed and it’s time to get your GARLIC groove on.


Garlic Tasting Saturdays have come and gone and they were a huge success, thanks to you. We are now looking forward to our next market in October for BEEF TASTING SATURDAY on the 14th.

But, don’t wait for the October Market for your GARLIC. Better get it now since some varieties have already sold out! Order ONLINE now for pickup at the Farm Monday – Friday 10-4 at the Market Barn. Our normal pickup time is Thursday, but we are making this exception so you can get your favorite Gourmet Garlics before they are all gone. No more Saturday markets until October 14.


For those of you who are new to this blog, know that our goal in growing Garlic is to produce the most nutrient rich Garlic possible. We do this by preparing the soil with super-charged compost from our cows and chickens, cover crops and minerals such as rock phosphate and granite dust. Garlic is a greedy crop, meaning that it requires heavy feeding from organic sources. Next we choose the best cloves from a bulb, soak them overnight in baking soda and water, then rinse and bathe in special Fish & Seaweed emulsion along with mycorrhizal root growth enhancer. All to bring you the highest quality Gourmet Garlics.

And to think that the thousands of garlic cloves are all separated, planted, harvested, hung to dry and cleaned –ALL BY HAND.



Here’s a run down of the Gourmet Garlics we have for sale.


First the 3 varieties of HARDNECK Cultivars that form scapes (a flowering stalk) in the Spring and have fewer cloves per bulb than other Garlics.



Garlics in the Porcelain family usually have large cloves and are known to have the highest amount of Allicin.


From the PORCELAIN family we have…

Romanian Red originated in Romania and is a strong tasting Garlic that is well suited for ethnic dishes.



These Garlics are best enjoyed soon after purchase as they store poorly but are great garlics with a deep, rich complex flavor.


From the ROCAMBOLE family we have…

German Red, from Germany, is a strong Garlic that is hot when eaten raw and maintains it’s garlic flavor when cooked.



Purple Stripes are the ancestors to ALL the Garlics. They are great for general culinary use with a strong, complex and rich garlicky taste.


From the PURPLE STRIPE family we have…

Chesnok Red is a STANDARD PURPLE STRIPE garlic from the Republic of Georgia with a full flavor that becomes sweet when baked.


These Siberian Red garlics from the MARBLED PURPLE STRIPE family have a strong hot flavor.


Brown Temptest, also a Marbled Purple Stripe garlic, is from Poland with a hot, strong, musky flavor that turns sweet when roasted.




Purple Glazer is the last of our Purple Stripes and is in the GLAZED PURPLE STRIPE family of garlics. It is excellent raw, is great in pestos and is fabulous for roasting.



We also have a couple of unclassified Hardneck cultivars that we don’t know what family they belong to.

This Peru Teardrop variety has small bulbs, but what it lacks in size is made up in flavor and hotness. Duh, it comes from Peru.



Our other unclassified garlic is Turkish Red. Like most garlics with RED in the name, it does have some heat but without the severe bite that many of the hot garlics have.





  Softnecks have pliable stalks that can be braided, do not send up scapes and have more cloves per bulb than Hardnecks.





These garlics fall in line with with most of the grocery store garlics. Typically they are on the milder side and have many cloves, with larger ones hanging on the sides like saddle bags. Thus, the Artichoke comparison.


From the ARTICHOKE family we have…

Polish White has medium pungency, is good for baking and is also good raw.


French Red is complex and hot when raw and maintains it’s heat when roasted.


Red Toch is on the milder side with not a lot of heat.


Lorz Italian is a garlic with lots of heat and good flavor.



These garlics are the longest storing and have a hot sulfurous flavor.


From the Silverskin family we have…

This California Silverskin has a bold, musky flavor.


Our SilverRose garlic has average heat but is rich and long on flavor.




Lastly, we have the 2 families of WEAKLY BOLTING Garlic.  Weakly Bolting garlics have an identity problem for they might decide to scape, or not!





These are probably the shortest storing garlics, so eat them up fairly quickly!


From the TURBAN family we have…

Chinese Purple has a strong, hot flavor, but is mild after cooking.


Lotus is a very hot garlic even when baked and the hotness lingers in your mouth.


Maiskij is a medium hot garlic that is strong and bold but not overpowering.



These garlics were cultivated in Spain and Southern France and are unlike other garlics in clove configuration and color. We have been trying to grow these for about 5 years and we are thrilled with this group of extremely flavorful garlics. Bulbs do not get as large as other garlics, but, what they lack in size they make up 10-fold in flavor!


From the CREOLE family…

Pescadero is a mild and mellow garlic that is great for pestos.


Spanish Benitee is pungent and hot!


Our Ajo Rojo garlic is hot and strong.


Creole Red garlic has a rich shallot like flavor.




WOW! That is a lot of GARLIC!!  If you can’t decide on which one (or more) is your favorite, then try our ASSORTED GARLICS that come in 1 and 3 pound bags. These bags make great gifts for the Garlic lover!


Ready to order? Click here for our OnLine Market. 



Buy some for cooking, buy more for planting, buy loads for drying.

Drying is easy…open the bulbs to get the cloves, cut off the ends, peel all the paper off, put in a food processor to chop, spread out to dry.



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