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The daytime temps say that it’s still Summer, but the nighttime temps and sun say it’s getting on to Fall. The changing of seasons brings more than switching from air conditioning to heat, it also shifts our energy, our body’s nutritional needs and how and what we eat.

 Mother Nature provides us with the foods we need in each season.  Fresh food in season is a healthy way to eat and the deep rich colors of Autumn – oranges, reds & purples – supply us with the nutrient-rich goodness that we need.  Fruits and vegetables with these Fall colors contain vitamins,  minerals, fiber and phytochemicals that help fight various diseases.  

When we speak of “taste the rainbow” we are not taking about Skittles!  Apples, Potatoes, Corn, Pumpkin, Squash, Peppers, Figs and Pears are but a few of  Autumn’s offerings.


Sweet Peppers

  Sweet Peppers are in! Great for stuffing or sautéing. Don’t forget to freeze some for wintertime.




Sweet Corn

                                        Late corn is such a treat…white or yellow it is sweet!



Butternut Squash

  YUM! Butternut Squash! Great for a side dish but better yet in soups and desserts.




Old Fashion Heritage PEARS! How many ways can YOU use them…eat fresh, can them, make relish …



Pear Relish

Pear Relish, oh so good to spice up a sandwich, to replace the traditional relish on hot dogs and burgers or to use with chicken or fish. 100% ORGANIC! Made with LHF Pears, LHF Onions, LHF Peppers, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Sugar and Sea Salt


All of our new Autumn offerings are available at our ONLINE MARKET along with the last of the Tomatoes, Gourmet Garlics, Pastured Beef and other goodies.


Fall is also the time when the grill doesn’t get used as much for burgers and kabobs and instead the crock pots and roasting pans come out for stews, roasts and braised beef. 




We are cleaning out our freezers for the next load of PASTURED BEEF coming in late October. Our next MARKET is October 29 for a BEEF TASTING SATURDAY. So, check your freezers and get ready for some great LoganBerry Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef. You can preorder PACKAGES or CUTS and if you let us know early enough we will reserve a SIDE or QUARTER of BEEF which you can have butchered with your favorite cuts.






                                                     Cube Steak, a family favorite.

Look for details on ordering PACKAGES or SIDES in our next few newsletters! In the meantime, if you need some good Beef we still have a variety of cuts including cube steak, ground beef, chuck roasts, kabobs (good for stew too!), shanks and shoulder roasts.

Check out our ONLINE MARKET


Thank you for your continued interest in LoganBerry!

Linda and The LoganBerry Team


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