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tasting tableOur last GARLIC TASTING SATURDAY is this Saturday, August 20 from 10 to 3. If you LOVE garlic and want to taste all 28 varieties that we grow, this is your last opportunity. Come to the Market Barn on Saturday for your GARLIC FIX and check out the other goodies, samples and tasting that we have. If you missed last week’s class at LoganBerry Garlic University, join us this Saturday for a chance to earn your own GU diploma!


Lisa Simpson

Our own French Dahlonegan, Lisa Simpson, will be back at the chef’s table, as will  newcomer John Wardenga with tasty samples for you to try and some new recipes.

Grill Master, Dwayne, with sidekick, Zach (the Pesto Prince) Dwayne at grillwill be back on the grill cooking up burgers and kabobs to tease your taste buds.  

Volunteers extraordinaire Nellie Nellieand Michael will be offering tastes and samples from LoganBerry’s line of goodies.Michael & Nellie








In addition to LOTS of GARLIC, we have some of garlic’s favorite friends.

  • TOMATOES            
  • EGGS

Also from the Garlic family, we have GARLIC JELLY and almost famous GARLIC POWDER!    

Garlic Jelly copy

LoganBerry Garlic Jelly begins with our own Gourmet Garlics, pureed with organic Vinegars, Apple Cider and Red Wine. We use Florida Crystals Organic Sugar with some added Pectin for one of the BEST condiments ever! Garlic Jelly is great as a spread over Cream Cheese or baked over Brie along with crackers for a delectable hors d’oeuvre. Don’t forget to keep it by the grill for a last minute brush-on for chicken or fish with some chopped cilantro, or atop a just-grilled burger! An all time favorite is as a marinade for pork tenderloin.

Dried Garlic

If you’ve never used LoganBerry Garlic Powder and wish to try it, you are in for a surprise! Our Garlic Powder is made from our dehydrated Gourmet Garlics then ground into a powder. Not only do our repeat customers tell us how great it is and how they have to use less of it than store bought Garlic Powder, we have found that to be the case ourselves! One cannot use a heavy hand with our Garlic Powder. It’s strength comes from the fact that we mix all of our garlics together for drying and as you are aware, many of them are quite zesty and pack some heat. And we do NOT use any anti-caking agents so sometimes it tends to get a bit “sticky” but actually this is good because it indicates that all of the beneficial allicin compounds are there for your benefit.


















what to choose

mmm…this course is not as easy as I thought

We had fun last Saturday, so come and join us this Saturday, August 20!

Zach & Blake

Pesto Prince, Zach and Blake offering Pesto samples

happy shoppersg

2 long-time LoganBerry supporters



Sweet Hannah’s music welcomed Garlic Lovers










2 of our best Garlic lovers

Debbie From

Mama Mia! Debbie’s garlic creations were a hit







tasting table 2

GU Prof, Peggy lecturing her students

tomato display

Colorful and delicious Heirloom Tomatoes

















                                                                                                                                                         Join the class of 2016 at Garlic University to earn your diploma. Don’t be left out!

2016 grads


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