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Sirloin TipGOrganic Rose is picking up our BEEF from the abattoir and our MARKET will be open on Saturday, June 18 from 10am to 2pm. If you have placed an order, this is the day to pick it up! If you haven’t placed an order, this is the day to come to the Market and pick out your favorite cuts! 

This will be the first ever time that we can offer FRESH, non-frozen BEEF!  What could be better than fresh, pastured raised beef on the grill?! Especially for Father’s DAY!! Check out the reach-in- cooler for the fresh beef or if you want it frozen the freezers will be full. Another first for LoganBerry Beef; we have KABOBS cuts from Sirloin Steaks, just the right size to grill with onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. BEEF-FOR-KABOBS

If you can’t make it on Saturday, you can always order ONLINE from our website/online store and pick up on a Thursday between 10 and 6. Our ONLINE STORE can be found on the website loganberryheritagefarm.com, scroll down to the bottom of the home page and you will see a red shopping bag, if you click “shop now” it will take you to the Market.


Market Barn signThe Market Barn will also be open on Saturday June 25 from 1pm – 6pm for our customers and for all the folks participating in the Georgia Mountains Farm Tour. Our Grill Master will be manning the grill and we will have burgers and pesto pasta salad for lunch at a reasonable price.





PACKAGE #1 (GROUND BEEF SPECIAL) = $240.35 plus tax

(includes 5% discount)                                    

23# Ground Beef


(includes 10% discount)

12# Ground Beef
2# Stew Meat
2# Cube Steaks
3# Roast (Chuck or Shoulder)
1.5# Rib Eye Steaks
2# Shanks
1# Soup Bones

PACKAGE #3 (GRILLIN’ OUT SPECIAL) = $453.60 plus tax

(includes 10% discount) 

24# Ground Beef
4# Rib Eye Steak
4# NY Strip Steaks
2# Sirloin Steak Kabobs
1# Tenderloin Filets




Ground Beef average weight = 1 lb $11.00 lb
Stew Meat average weight 1 lb $11.00 lb
Cube Steak 4 to a package $11.00 lb
Sirloin Steak average weight 2-3 lbs $18.00 lb
NY Strip Steak average weight .5-.75 lbs $22.00 lb
Rib Eye Steak average weight .75-1 lb $22.00 lb
Tenderloin Filet average weight .5 lb $28.00 lb
 Eye of Round Roast  average weight 2.5 lbs  $12.00 lb
Sirloin Tip Roast average weight 3 lbs $12.00 lb
Chuck Roast average weight 3 lbs $11.00 lb
Shoulder Roast average weight 3 lbs $11.00 lb
Shanks average weight 1- 1.5 lbs $11.00 lb
Femur/Marrow Bones $11.00 lb
BBQ/Braising Rib Bones average weight 2 lbs $11.00 lb
Soup Bones (meaty) $7.00 lb
Broth Bones (no meat) $5.00 lb
Liver  average weight 1 lb $8.00 lb

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