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It’s grillin’ time and we are set to take two more cows to the abattoir. Soon the freezers will be full of our grass-fed, grass-finished, ethically raised beef and you will have your choice of great cuts.  This year we have another special, so read all about what makes LoganBerry Beef different and get the scoop on how to order at the end of this post.

Here at LoganBerry, our “beef” is with any animal that is not treated with dignity and respect.  And, in particular, we struggle with the knowledge that most chickens, Sharon & calfpigs, cows, sheep and other animals raised for human consumption are crated, overcrowded, kept in feed lots and in general treated inhumanely.  

Personally, I find it harder and harder to shop at chain markets how animals are treatedfor my meat protein. I see an organic chicken with the label “vegetarian fed”and know that chicken was never allowed outside to scratch or eat bugs and worms (which is how nature intended chickens to be). Even beef with labels that state organic and pastured don’t convince me that the animal was raised and killed humanely.  I’ve come to realize that being a carnivore comes with responsibility…which is not to turn a blind eye to the ethics of raising animals for our own use.

According to 2010 statistics, the average person in the US consumes over 270 pounds of meat per year. Obviously, small independent farmers can’t raise enough  beef, pork and poultry to feed all the voracious appetites of Americans. And while I don’t have the answer of how to remedy to situation of CAFOs, enormous chicken confinement houses or gestational crates, I do recognize my own involvement.  If I don’t CAFOspeak my mind and use the power of my dollar to purchase ethically raised meat, then I feel complicit in perpetuating animal cruelty.

And it is more than the treatment of animals. It is everything that is involved with raising animals in Factory Farms. The obvious is that the animals are not allowed to express their “animalness”, then there are the overcrowded conditions are breeding grounds for E. coli, the overuse of antibiotics create the possibility of antibiotic resistant bacteria and the the use of arsenic (to increase appetite) and growth hormones can increase the risk of cancer in humans. In the case of cows being fattened up in feed-lots, they are fed grain; grain – not grass! Cows on pasture have Ph neutral stomachs, cows fed grain have an acidic stomach increasing the potential for E. coli and increasing the amount of unhealthy Omega 6 fatty acid and decreasing the amount of healthy Omega 3’s in their meat. And then there is the stress factor. Living in unnatural and unhealthy conditions raises the stress hormones of these animals that affect the overall quality, texture and taste of the meat.  Factory Farms, for the most part, feed their animals GMO feed which has been grown on uni-crop fields sprayed with cancer causing glyphosate with is killing our soil.  Factory Farming is unhealthy for the animal, unhealthy for the environment and unhealthy for humans who consume their meat.

Cows grazing copy

If you feel the way we do here at LoganBerry you will be happy to know that we are, once again, offering our Pastured Beef for sale.  All of the beef that we sell comes from cows that are raised on the Farm and have eaten nothing but grass and other pasture weeds. Our cows are an integral part of Farm life and are treated with respect, raised ethically, honored for their sacrifice with a blessing before leaving the FARM and killed with compassion at the abattoir. Organic Rose is with each animal, calming them with herbal sprays and essential oils to keep their adrenaline minimal.

A wide assortment of BEEF CUTS will be available after June 17th. This year we are offering a “BUILD YOUR OWN PACKAGE”. You choose your favorite cuts from out list or from our soon to be announced packages and you reap the benefit of getting 5% off any package of $250 or more and 10% off any beef package over $500.  Choose from GROUND BEEF, STEW MEAT, CUBE STEAK, BRISKET, SIRLOIN STEAK, TENDERLOIN FILET,  RIB EYE STEAK, NY STRIP STEAK, SIRLOIN TIP ROAST, CHUCK ROAST, SHOULDER ROAST, SHANKS, SOUP BONES and if you want EYE OF ROUND ROAST or RUMP ROAST order early as they are limited. All our meat comes wrapped, labeled, weighed and frozen. Get your custom order in before we send the cut order to the butcher on June 15. Just give us a call or send an email and follow up with a deposit check for 50% of your total order.


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