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Meet the “WORKING GIRLS” of LoganBerry

working girlsMeet the “working girls” of LoganBerry. These girls are busy working the compost pile, digging and scratching for worms, bugs and whatever tidbit of goodness they come across. They are happy to be outside and doing what chickens do best…scratch and dig! All our compost from the kitchen and gardens, along with cow hay mixed with manure, goes into the pile and the hens save us hours of labor by scratching and working the pile, freeing us from having to turn it as often. The result…beautiful, rich composted soil.

 In addition to the compost goodies, they are fed two times daily an Organic Feed from New Country Organics that is a SOY-FREE blend of beneficial grains and seeds. And in their fresh water, we add Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother in it). Also fresh and dried herbs in their food and water, as well as in their nesting boxes and coops. The end result is a nutrient-dense Egg that is good,  good for you, and can be enjoyed guilt-free!


We love our girls for their funny personalities, the help they give us on the Farm and, of course, their eggs. All of Sharon holding chickenour hens are friendly and come running if we near their enclosure, hoping for a treat or some attention.

We currently have three separate flocks–2013, 2014 and those that were naturally hatched on the Farm in 2015.  Trying to keep them safe is a huge challenge on the Farm.  We lost one just last week to a Hawk and he had already gotten one a couple of weeks before that–our favorite, a sweet, completely blind Mother Hen.  Besides hawks, there are coyotes and bobcats to contend with. Great food always comes with a price.

one eyed chickenOne of our Black Australorps can only see out of one eye and is always eager for feeding time. The other hens tolerate her but are more aggressive when vying for the grain. So, she has learned to jump into our hands so we can let her have her fill in the feed barrel while the others feed on the compost pile!


We have said quite a bit over the years about the health benefits of Pastured Chickens and Eggs, but what it all boils down to is really pretty simple. The healthiest foods come from the healthiest plants and animals and the healthiest plants and animals are those that are allowed to grow the way nature intended. There are always compromises and complications when we try to outsmart Mother Nature!2 flats (5 doz) $25

Now that our hens our finished molting and are back laying, we have lots and lots of EGGS.  So, with Easter coming and desserts being made, we are offering a special on 2 flats (5 dozen) of eggs for $25. There are so many great recipes that feature eggs…deviled eggs, egg salad, hollandaise sauce (yum), egg custard, creme brulee and many more. Check out RECIPE page on our website for many of these EASY and DELICIOUS recipes.

egg custard in cups

hollandaise sauce

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