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We’ve gotten through the holidays, taken some time off to re-energize, been through our first winter storm of the year and are well into 2016. Now we are ready to plan Ice Storm 21615our Spring plantings although February may still have some surprises in store for us. Last year we had an awesome ice storm in the middle of February and we didn’t start planting in the greenhouse until March. So, ready as we may be for signs of Spring (and the seed and garden catalogs that arrive daily are no help!) we still need to hunker down and be patient.  

The COWS have had the entire Homestead Hill to search out any green grass for the month of January and were fed in their new winter shelter that we stock with LoganBerry hay. The HENS have just started laying again and EGGS are finally back on the MARKET.  January was a far cry from the abundance of eggs we had at this time last year!  Eggs Jan 2015 

And the BEES are staying in their hives and are safe for the winter with their own storehouses of honey that we are hoping will last until it warms up and early Spring blossoms beckon to them.Bees in December






But while we are awaiting the arrival of Spring, there is much to do in the Farm House and in the Market Barn. We are sorting and cleaning, we are building shelters and pens, we are putting up dried herbs from the Summer and we are planning for the season to come.  All the sorting and cleaning has created an abundance of items that we no longer can use, so we decided to hold a SPRING YARD SALE, LoganBerry style! Save the date on your smart phones and old fashioned calendars for APRIL 1 & 2 for our FARM SPRING CLEANING YARD SALE. There will be plenty of kitchen items, restaurant equipment, furniture and odds and ends.

Our ONLINE MARKET is back up and running. Ordering can be done any day except on Thursdays due to the fact that they are pick up days. We have restocked our freezers with LoganBerry Beef and there is still the exceptional quality of our non GMO Corn Grits and Corn Meal,  Pop Corn,  Dried Garlic, Frozen Berries and Tomatoes and, of course, Sorghum Syrup! Check out the Market at  (https://squareup.com/market/loganberry-heritage-farm), place your order and come to the Market Barn on Thursdays between 10am and 6pm to pick up your order.

So, in the meantime, we occasionally get to sit and watch the birds, enjoy the wood stove and Herbssavor a cup of herbal tea that takes us back to summer and warmer times.


   Bird watchingFire in January

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