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What’s For Dinner

Cows grazing copyDid you know that the average family of 4 will eat the equivalent of a whole cow in the course of a year? That’s about 400 pounds of beef!

Now, the question is…do you want that 400 pounds of meat that your family eats to be from grass fed beef or from feed lot fattened beef? Cows, by nature, are meant to be on the field eating grass, (actually, they can’t digest grain). In tests and studies around the country, grass fed beef has been proven to be leaner, have fewer calories, and have 2 to 6 times more Omega 3’s (the good fat) than feed lot cattle. Being put in a feed lot is like being locked in a small, crowded room with no place to move and being fed nothing but ice cream for 3 to 5 months to fatten you up.

grass fed beefSo, if you’re going to eat beef, why not enjoy good beef. Beef that has been raised humanely, beef that has been free to graze on pasture, beef that has been stress free, beef that has been blessed for their sacrifice and thanked for the goodness and the energy their meat provides.

If finding space for 50 pounds or 100 pounds of meat daunts you, consider buying a share with a neighbor or friend. If freezer space a problem? Check with us, we might be able to help by renting you some space in one of our freezers.

You know you want to eat well, you know you’re going to eat beef anyway (unless you’re a vegetarian), so why not get the benefit of eating grass fed beef from LoganBerry Heritage Farm.

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