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Do You Know Where Your Garlic Comes From

garlicDo you know the soil that it is grown in? Do you know how long it has been on the shelf before you buy it? Do you know if it is even grown in the US? Do you care about the health benefits of Garlic?

If you buy Garlic in the supermarket, it is worth taking a close look at it. Much of the Garlic found in stores has originated either from California, or from China, so check the Country of Origin on the label. Unless it is Organic Garlic, it has been grown using conventional and mechanical methods and sat in warehouse storage for months at controlled temperatures to keep it looking fresh. After you bring it home, it has a tendency to dry out, destroying all health benefits. The problem with Garlic from China is that it is irradiated before it is exported. By irradiating the bulbs, the shelf life is extended BUT the health benefits are destroyed. It is also questionable about China’s farming practices, what chemicals and manure they use, and how old the Garlic is.

garlic fest loganberryFresh Garlic will last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on the variety of Garlic, as well as how and where it is stored. To get the maximum health benefit and taste from your Garlic, store it in a cool, dry place with plenty of ventilation–never refrigerate Garlic. And remember to let it “rest” for five minutes (enzymatic changes necessary for health benefits) after chopping or mincing before cooking or using.

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